Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is located in the desert in Southern California and is where the Mojave and the Colorado desert ecosystems meet. It has very diverse plant and animal life and is home to the famous Joshua Tree, a member of the Agave family and a type of Yucca.

I have always loved camping, off-roading, and hiking and have traveled the deserts of California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona since I was little and my parents would take me with on off-roading trips in our Jeep. Joshua Tree is one of my favorites; where giant boulders and rock formations seem to pop out of nowhere and Joshua Trees spread as far as the eye can see.

Joshua Tree has both paved and dirt roads, a nice variety of campsites, and is easy to navigate for the beginner camper. If you are more experienced or want to be away from other campers, you can also backcountry camp (which is what I did when I went in February this year). To backcountry camp, you can park in the little lot they have (make sure you register at the station they have at every backcountry parking lot) then you can hike until you find the perfect spot to set up your camp! To find more information about backcountry camping (or just regular camping or hiking information) visit Joshua Tree National Park’s website at

Below I’ve included a few more photos I took of beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua TreesP2072914_1024Joshua Trees and MountainsBoulders