San Clemente Beach Day

San Clemente 3

A few weeks ago I took a day trip down to San Clemente! I had seen pictures of it and it looked so beautiful so a day trip down there was a must. I went to the main beach with the San Clemente pier (there are other beaches further south). The actual beach itself was very unique; it had a lot of pretty, smoothed-out rocks along the sand instead of shells. The Amtrak also goes right along the coast there so every now and then a train would go by adding a most unique element to the beach experience.

San Clemente 2    San Clemente 1

The little main street area was also really nice and it just so happened on the day I went they were having a sort of farmer’s market! I would definitely recommend San Clemente as the weather is so lovely and the scenery is beautiful. I am definitely planning another day trip down there; maybe I’ll visit one of the other beaches nearby!

San Clemente 4

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