Hiking the Valido Trail

If you caught my earlier post about Laguna Thousand Steps beach, here is somewhere you can also visit; instead of going down a thousand steps to the beach, you can hike up the Valido Trail and see the beach from above! The Valido Trail is part of a series of trails up in the hills above Laguna Thousand Steps and the surrounding beaches. I parked for free in the neighborhood by the trail entrance. The Valido Trail is definitely what I would call a beginner trail, but still bring plenty of water and be careful as you are hiking.

Valido Trail 3

Once at the top of the Valido Trail, there is a little bench and an amazing overlook! Here you can see not only Thousand Steps but also Table Rock and some of the other little Laguna beaches. I’ve included panoramic shots I took at the top from all around the viewpoint. If you’re looking for a great outdoor experience I would definitely recommend the Valido Trail. Plus, you can always go down to the beach to cool off after your hike!

Valido Trail 1 Valido Trail 2