US Open of Surfing 2015

The US Open of Surfing has always been one of my favorite events to go to. Lasting a week every summer, usually at the end of July or beginning of August, the US Open of Surfing is a must see for anyone living in or visiting the area. It always takes place in none other than Surf City (Huntington Beach) and this year Vans was the host. 

The US Open is free for people who want to watch from the pier or sit on the beach and watch. If you sit on the beach, you can sometimes get pretty close to the surfers. Below I’ve included photos of one of the surfers waiting on the beach for their turn, and then running into the water as well as people and photographers lined up to watch on the beach. If you want more of an aerial view, I would recommend walking down the pier to watch.

USO 5    USO 4    USO 6USO 11

The US Open also has skateboard and BMX competitions. Every year they build a skate/BMX park right on the sand with a view of the pier and ocean. We went while the competitors were practicing, so entry was free. The graphics and designs on the ground of the park were very cool and unique and it was so fun to watch, even if it was just practice at the time we went.


There are also lots of sponsor booths and vendors to walk around to at the Open as well as a Vans US Open store where you can buy US Open clothes, shoes, umbrellas, and much more. (I always get a shirt for every year I go to the Open, but this year I picked up a beach umbrella, too!) This year one of the sponsor booths that I really loved was the Fiat booth! I have always loved Fiats and they were featuring a baby blue Fiat based on the original 1957 Fiat. Below I’ve included a photo of me sitting inside it as well as a panoramic photo from the Fiat booth so you can see how extensive the booths are.


So mark you calendars for next year! It is truly a wonderful experience and has something for everyone. 🙂