Sunset Beach Paddle Boarding

Paddleboard 1

Paddle boarding is a great way to exercise, get outside and have fun! Plus, it’s great for beginners. I had never paddle boarded before and had always wanted to try it. While browsing Groupon, I saw a Groupon for OEX at Sunset Beach (California) for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) or kayaking. OEX is right on Pacific Coast Highway and after you rent your paddle board (or kayak) you paddle right out into Huntington Harbor. The water in the harbor is very calm, so you’re not in the open ocean, which is great for beginners. I would definitely recommend OEX and make sure you check Groupon! Even if you don’t live in Southern California, check out local paddle board and kayak rental companies. Paddle boarding is such a great workout, plus it’s so fun you won’t even know you’re working out! Below (and above) are a couple photos I snapped before heading out on the harbor.

Paddleboard 2