Local Boutique Finds

I have always loved shopping at little boutiques and have bought some of my favorite clothes at boutiques I find along my way. One of my favorite boutiques is Pürre Boutique, located at the Camp in Costa Mesa. They have such beautiful, unique clothes at Pürre as well as accessories, and bath and body products. Recently I bought a beautiful dress and an adorable 70’s inspired blouse there which I absolutely love! Below I’ve included some photos of me wearing them, taken at the Camp!

Camp 1     Camp 2   Camp 3

Above are photos of the 70’s inspired white blouse. The Camp is such an interesting, artsy place to photograph in. I loved the staircase with its words of wisdom as well as the cute little chairs and benches tucked away in little corners of the Camp. The blouse I’m wearing is so light and floaty and very cool, even on a hot summer day you won’t overheat. (Wedges are from DSW.)

Camp 10

Camp 9    Camp 8

The above photos are of the adorable, multi-colored dress. I loved the patterns and the different materials on this dress and I thought the cut and style of it was so unique and fun! (Sandals are Minnetonka.) These photos were also taken at the Camp. I especially loved the little tent setup area outside the Seed People’s Market.

Boutique Bracelet

Above is a lovely little bracelet I also bought at Pürre Boutique. I love how simple and delicate it is and it goes with every outfit!

Once again, the Camp is a great little place to visit in Costa Mesa! Make sure you stop into Pürre Boutique for some unique finds and adorable additions to your wardrobe!

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