Habana in Costa Mesa

Recently my aunt and I went to a lovely Cuban restaurant at The Lab in Costa Mesa called Habana. I don’t think I’d ever had Cuban food until we went there and it was such a cool experience! The restaurant itself was very unique and included an outdoor patio area. After looking at the menu we decided to share two orders of empanadas, one vegetarian and one chicken, which were very delicious (photos below!) We also decided we wanted to try an ahi and shrimp appetizer served with plantain chips. This dish was served inside a coconut which I thought was so unique. Below are the photos and although I know that looks like bacon coming out of the coconut, it’s actually a plantain strip. I love finding little restaurants like this, with amazing food and a fun atmosphere, and I would definitely recommend Habana!

Habana 1

Habana 2

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