Malibu and Point Dume

My last blog was about my day trip to Venice Beach and I would like to follow that post up with another day trip I took up the California coast – this time to Malibu. Point Dume in particular looked very appealing to me with the amazing cliffs and beautiful views. So up the coast I went and hiked all over Point Dume; out to the very edge of the Point, up and down the trails along the cliffs, and I even made it all the way down to the beach where some surfers were catching waves. It was a beautiful sunny day but extremely windy; sand was blown all over the parking lot at the beginning of the trails! I was very happy with another successful day trip and wanted to share some of the photos I took along the way.

A beautiful panoramic view of Point Dume.

IMG_7534IMG_7553The view from the top of the trails around the point looking out over Malibu and the view from the beach when I hiked all the way down.

IMG_7523Another photo of the very edge of the point (I hiked all the way out to the edge where there was a tiny platform of rock that you can stand on at the edge).

IMG_7522One last view of the gorgeous bluffs and sheer cliffs that make this area so unique and beautiful.

Malibu is definitely a must if you are traveling around that area. You can’t beat the wild cliffs and bluffs overlooking the ocean plus the trails with beautiful views at every angle.