San Elijo State Beach

A couple of months ago I went on a camping trip to San Elijo State Beach at Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.  Unfortunately rain was in the forecast. It didn’t look like there was going to be much rain and I had a rain fly to go over my tent so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. After I set up my tent and rain fly I decided to walk around the little town of Cardiff-by-the-Sea as the campsite was right across the street from town. I had fun exploring and ate dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant. When I returned to my campsite I explored around the cliffs and down to the beach below and saw the most amazing sunset! (Photos below.)


I made a fire and roasted some marshmallows as the rain clouds eventually rolled in and little drops of rain started to fall. Since it was getting dark out anyway I decided to turn in and stay dry in my tent. Below is a photo of my little campsite, the view of the ocean over the cliff I camped on, and some beautiful flowers I took a photo of as the sun was setting. You can see a dramatic difference in the clouds in the campsite photo and the ocean overlook photo!

Version 2IMG_8094      IMG_8093

After a little while the rain started coming down a little heavier but wasn’t too bad and the rain fly kept me nice and dry. A little while later the wind picked up and was so strong that even though I had the tent staked down and secured tightly, it felt like it was going to blow away! I waited for the rain to die down and then had to throw in the towel, pack everything back up into the car (not an easy task in hurricane-force winds) and drive back home. I was definitely sad I couldn’t stay the entire night but had a fun afternoon and evening at San Elijo and I got to take some great sunset pictures! I do want to go beach camping again, but will definitely check the forecast before booking a campsite!