Manduka Part Two

You may remember a post from awhile ago that I wrote about my Manduka mat and yoga towels. For those of you who may not know, Manduka recently came out with a yoga/activewear clothing line. I sort of had a feeling that eventually Manduka would come out with a clothing line. After all, they have such a variety of amazing yoga mats, towels and other equipment, a clothing line was bound to happen!

When I heard that they had come out with a clothing line I was so excited! However when it comes to yoga clothes, I am a little picky and I like to try them on first before I buy them; I only order online if I know for sure what my size is in a brand. Luckily, my yoga studio, Ra Yoga (located in Southern California) started carrying Manduka clothes! I tried this lovely tank top on and loved it! I am a huge fan of higher necked tank tops and I had been looking for a crop top (not quite as cropped as a sports bra) and this tank was the perfect fit!

I’ll be back for more soon and can’t wait to try on some of their yoga pants! Find out which yoga studios or retailers near you carry Manduka or order online from their website!

Below is a little selfie I took wearing my new Manduka top. 🙂


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