Food Photo of the Week: Homemade Dish

For this Food Photo of the Week, I would like to share a homemade dish with you that my boyfriend and I discovered at Trader Joe’s. We were grocery shopping there when we saw a bag of black bean pasta and wanted to try it! We weren’t sure exactly what we would make with it but when we looked on the back of the package, there was a recipe suggestion for cooking a meal with black bean pasta. The recipe called for frozen veggies, frozen mushrooms, Alfredo sauce, plus some various spices (all of which are Trader Joe’s products). We thought that making chicken parmesan to go with this dish sounded good, as well.

Below are some photos of the cooking process:








Step 1: adding the frozen veggies (peppers and onions) plus the frozen mushrooms to a saucepan. Step 2: once the veggies have started to cook and simmer, add the Alfredo sauce plus some various spices (salt, pepper, cayenne pepper) and mix together.


Step 3: while the veggies are cooking, cook up the black bean pasta and strain.


Step 4: preparing the chicken parmesan. We made our own breadcrumbs and used a chicken parmesan recipe we found online just by Googling how to make it.


The finished product (above). The chicken parmesan sliced up and layered on top of the veggies in the Alfredo sauce layered on top of the pasta. Such an amazing meal! Head to Trader Joe’s today and pick up a bag of their black bean pasta. The other ingredients are all listed on the bag and can all be found at Trader Joe’s.

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