Shoe Lovers Guide: Summer Shoes

Summer is one of my favorite seasons and therefore summer fashion has always been a favorite of mine. Shoes have always been one of my favorite fashion accessories and I wanted to share some of my favorite shoes for summer.

Flip flops are a summer staple. My favorite flip flops are Reefs (below, right) because they off amazing arch support, are extremely comfortable, and they have cloth straps which last longer (I’ve never had a pair break). I could walk forever in these and they have cute designs on the straps! My other favorite pair of flip flops are my silver sequin ones (below, left) which are from Target! They are also very comfortable and are the most glamorous pair of flip flops I’ve ever had; they dress up any casual summer outfit while maintaining comfort.

While flip flops are amazing, another summer staple (which you can continue into the fall) are boho sandals! My two favorites are my Minnetonka sandals (below, left) which are comfy, go with almost every outfit, and are super cute with the feathers and beads! My other favorite pair of sandals (below, right) I got awhile ago at T.J. Maxx and have worn just about everywhere (you can tell they are definitely a little more worn). I love the beaded details and they are also very comfy!

Wedges have always been my favorite “dressy” shoe for summer. They’re dressy enough to go out somewhere nice and can be worn casual as well. I’ve always found wedges to be more comfortable than high heels, too, as they seem a little more stable. My white wedges (below, left) are probably my favorite pair right now; they go with everything and the gold trim and buckles make them a very versatile shoe for dressing up (I’ve even worn them to a wedding). My other pair (below, right) are somewhere in-between a wedge and a high heel (they are my highest pair of wedges) and I just love the flower detail on the side with the black and white stripes. They are so unique; I’ve never seen another wedge even close to these (and they’re dressy enough that I’ve worn them to a wedding, too!)

My last favorite shoes for summer are Sperry’s. They are so comfortable, come in so many varieties, and can be dressed up or down. I love my striped Sperry’s because they are so unique and even though¬†they are so colorful, they match almost every outfit (not to mention they make every outfit that much more exciting). My blue and white Sperry’s have a little mesh on the sides of them which makes them extra breathable plus the blue and white color is a perfect neutral summer color. My tan Sperry’s are the most recent addition to my collection and are probably the most comfortable pair of Sperry’s I own. They have three eyes instead of two so they come up a little higher. Also, being the neutral color that they are, they go with everything!



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