Road Trip to Arizona

A few weeks ago I traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona, to visit some friends. While I was there, we made a trip to Bartlett Lake in the Tonto National Forest. It was about 110 degrees making the lake feel like bathwater. It’s such a surreal sight to be driving through the desert with giant saguaros all around and then come to a lake right in the middle of it all.

I love taking black and white photos of the desert and comparing them to the color version; the black and white makes it seem almost like you’re on anĀ alien planet.


IMG_0436Can you spot the lake all the way out in the distance?

IMG_0410IMG_0426A couple of panoramic shots of Bartlett Lake shows how large of a lake it really is for being way out in the desert!

Arizona has so much to offer; this is just one small snapshot of the wonders that you can find! I’ll definitely be back to explore again in the future!



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