SoCal Corgi Beach Day

Last month I attended one of the cutest events ever: SoCal Corgi Beach Day at the Huntington Dog Beach! I had never been to an event like this and was super excited to see all the cute corgis! SoCal Corgi Beach Day had lots of cute little competitions like a corgi wet t-shirt contest, a corgi talent and a costume contest, as well as a corgi limbo to name a few! Plus all the corgis (and other non-corgi dogs) were all dressed up in the cutest outfits! Below are some photos I captured from the day and some of the amazing corgis I got to meet!

The above photos are of the amazing and adorable LJ the corgi! Such an adorable outfit and so friendly!

Pictured above are photos of the very handsome and friendly Bentley, who stars on the Dirk Gently tv show!

Above are Biscuit and Waffles the corgis sporting some very trendy sunglasses!

Above is a corgi I spotted having a blast in the shallows!

Napolean the corgi is pictured above hanging out taking pictures with fans in the photo booth!

While this pup is definitely not a corgi, I had to include some photos of him since he was sporting these shades so well!

Above is the adorable Daysie Meets World stylin’ in her little pineapple outfit!

Above left are Snorlax (the corgi) and his friend Buppy! Above right is Addie the corgi!

Above left: what a cute beach bum! Above right: you can see just how popular this event was!

If you haven’t checked out SoCal Corgi Beach Day, it is a must! They will be having two more events this year: one in July and one in October. Check out their Instagram or their website for more details!