Joshua Tree 2017 Part 1

Last weekend I decided I wanted to have a little photoshoot out in the desert. I really wanted to showcase some of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores (and some vintage!) that I love. My boyfriend, Drew, was kind enough to be my photographer on this amazing little photoshoot!

My first outfit included a pair of white jean shorts and a little white coverup shawl with a crochet trim both from one of my favorite boutiques, Elison Rd (with locations in Seal Beach and Long Beach, CA, and in Boulder, CO). I paired it with a bright indigo blue tank top, a brown and turquoise belt, and turquoise jewelry. My belt and necklaces are from American Eagle (except for my tiny moon necklace which is from Elison Rd), two of my bracelets are Lokai bracelets and my other bracelet is a gorgeous handmade lava rock and agate bracelet from Rock and Hardware. My rings are from various jewelers and jewelry shops including Patti Jo Designs (Laguna Beach, CA), White Buffalo Trading Co. (Overland Park, KS), Hogan Trading Co. (Moab, UT), and another little silver ring I got at the Sawdust Festival years ago. To top off the look, I’m wearing an adorable pair of sandals I got at DSW. I had so much fun in this outfit, especially because it was a little windy and gave me a chance to twirl around in my white coverup. 🙂 (Photos below.)


Above right: we couldn’t help but capture this photo with the rock formations looking like bunny ears behind me!


In my second outfit, I wore the same belt, Lokai bracelets, moon necklace, silver ring and one of my Patti Jo rings. I swapped out my other turquoise rings for one white stone ring and traded my white shorts for high-waisted blue jean shorts (both from Elison Rd). I paired an adorable white t-shirt (with one tiny red rose on it) that I got from one of my other favorite boutiques, Pürre (located in Costa Mesa). I finished this more simple outfit with my favorite burgundy Vans.



Above: this rock made the perfect little recliner chair! 🙂

My third outfit consisted of a pair of vintage high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans (from my Mom) paired with a black Anthropologie tank. I wore the same Vans and jewelry as in my second outfit.


Tilted photos can be fun sometimes. 🙂


For my last outfit of the day, I wore another pair of vintage high-waisted jeans (also from Mom) except these are by Guess. I paired it with one of my favorite crop tops from Pürre Boutique; I just love the little eyelet details on the ruffle! I wore the same jewelry as in my third outfit but swapped the Vans for the sandals I wore in my first outfit.


We came across this amazing retro VW Bus near our campsite and it went perfectly with my 70’s inspired outfit!


I had so much fun doing this little mini photoshoot! I have always loved fashion and putting together outfits, especially vintage clothes and clothes from my favorite small businesses/boutiques. Of course, we took more photos than just these four outfits (including the gorgeous landscape, plant and animal life in Joshua Tree) which I will include in my next blog post! Thanks so much for reading and go out and support your local small businesses and boutiques!

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