Joshua Tree 2017

I recently published a blog post featuring a photoshoot I did in Joshua Tree (wearing four of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores that I love). I of course took more photos of just the scenery that I wanted to make into a second post showcasing the natural beauty of Joshua Tree’s landscape, flora and fauna (and some shots of me doing yoga!)

First, I wanted to share some photos that I took of the gorgeous desert flowers.

Joshua Tree has such amazing views everywhere you go! I camped at Jumbo Rocks and hiked to Skull Rock. Below are some photos of the gorgeous landscape and me doing yoga at Jumbo Rocks.


Lizards and hummingbird moths were everywhere! Be sure to check my Instagram (@travelinbee) for a video that I took of a hummingbird moth in slo-mo!


I always love traveling to the desert, especially Joshua Tree. It is so fantastic and unique. I would highly recommend visiting if you get the chance!

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