Ski Eldora

This past weekend my mom and I traveled to Eldora Mountain Resort which is about 45 minutes away from Boulder, Colorado, to go skiing. Neither of us had been skiing in about twelve years so we were really excited to get back on the slopes!

Eldora was the perfect place to start back up skiing! They had lots of snow (we even got fresh snow on our third day there) and the mountain was perfect. We started our first day warming up on the bunny slopes and worked our way up to intermediate and more difficult slopes each day. By our third day we were skiing down steep verticals and even tried out some moguls. The views from the top of the mountain as well on the way down were beautiful. It was truly a perfect weekend for skiing. Below I’ve included some photos of us on the slopes as well as photos of the gorgeous scenery.


Below: views on the drive up on our third day skiing right after it had snowed.


After we were done skiing for the day, we had some time to walk around Boulder where we were staying and experience the historic Pearl Street which is filled with great restaurants and shops. Our favorite restaurant was called Sforno Trattoria Romana; it looked like an Italian street cafe on the inside! We had delicious avocado bruschetta (photo below) and yummy gnocchi (the photo below is actually our leftovers that we took home and added tomatoes to the next day).

Below: some of the interior decorations in Sforno.

Although a lot of the shops were closing early because of the snow, we were able to stop into a store called Alpaca Connection on our last day where I purchased this adorable stuffed alpaca.


I would highly recommend skiing Eldora – it was a great experience! Check their website for more details on pricing and times. They also do rentals there although we rented our equipment through Christy Sports. I can’t wait to go back!