Roxy Run SUP Yoga

Last year I signed up to do a Roxy Fitness event in Huntington Beach, California, which was one of the most fun events I’ve been to in a long time. I’ve always wanted to do a type of triathlon and this was similar to that but so much more fun since it wasn’t all about competing. It was more about just being together (it was an all-girls event) and having a good time while being active. For this Roxy event you could sign up for just one of the events, two or all three! I signed up for all three which included stand-up paddle boarding a 1K out in the ocean, running a 5K (about half of which was run on the sand) and finished with yoga on the beach.
For the paddle-boarding section, we paddled out into the open ocean, went around a buoy and paddled back into shore. Rental paddle boards were available for free (I had to sign up for a rental with my registration) or if you have your own paddle board, you can bring that! I had such a great time paddling! I had only paddle-boarded in the harbor and not in the open ocean yet so it was a real workout and so fun. (Photos below).
The 5K run started out on the beach (running in the sand is amazing and also more of a workout). We then ran back towards the sidewalk and finished on the sand again. (Photo below).
The Roxy event was finished with yoga on the beach which had such a great vibe and was a great way to cool down a little after all running and paddling. (Photo below of the awesome yoga towel we all got).


Roxy holds these events all over the world so check their website to see if they’re holding a Run SUP Yoga event near you! I would love to do one again soon.