Red Rocks Amphitheatre

I recently traveled to the Denver area to attend a wedding of a close friend of mine. After checking in to my hotel, I saw that the Red Rocks Amphitheater was close by and thought I had to check it out. There were many hiking trails around Red Rocks and my aunt, who was traveling with me, and I had fun exploring the area. I was especially surprised at how many people use Red Rocks as a work-out area! Below are some of my favorite photos I took of Red Rocks and the surrounding hiking trails.

IMG_1674IMG_1667You can see Denver way out in the background. So many people were out to get their workout in!

Gorgeous day for hiking!IMG_1656

I thought these little blue wildflowers were especially beautiful.

On our way back from Red Rocks, we stopped at the cutest little Mexican restaurant at the Morrison Inn for some chips, guacamole, salsa, margaritas and quesadillas! Also, they had an adorable cactus mural on the outside wall of their restaurant.

Our time was a bit limited this trip, but I would love to go back to Red Rocks and see a concert there! What a gorgeous day for hiking and exploring.