Design Portfolio

Welcome to my photography and design portfolio:

I worked as the Art Director for Auto Restorer magazine where I created all covers, layouts and designs, published monthly. I also designed Auto Restorer’s website and managed its Facebook and Twitter accounts.
I began contributing photography and writing shortly after becoming Art Director and eventually became a contributing writer, photographer, and designer for my own column in Auto Restorer called “Car Spotting with Traci” which was published monthly. (Auto Restorer closed it doors in February 2020 after over 30 years in publication. I will continue my column online, with the hopes of another publication publishing my column in the future.)
Below are my favorite covers I designed including a cover that I photographed: Dad’s 1984 Jeep CJ7.

Below are excerpts from a few of my articles from my column in Auto Restorer, “Car Spotting with Traci.” I design the layout and photograph for my column, as well as conduct interviews with car owners and enthusiasts. I also designed the logo for my column. I also included excerpts from a couple articles I designed (not for my column) featuring a Chevy “Woody” and “80 Years of Mopar.”

I previously worked as the Art Director for 435 Magazine, where I created all covers and layouts, as well as managed the Art Department’s team members including graphic and advertisement designers, interns, illustrators and photographers. I managed 435 Magazine’s Instagram as well.
I also photographed for some of the articles for 435 Magazine and my photographs are published both online and in print.
Below are a few of my favorite covers that I created for 435 including a special foldout cover for our brunch issue.


Below are a few of my favorite layouts that I designed for various lifestyle articles in 435,  including an excerpt from the Brunch cover story (magazine foldout cover pictured above). The Cinco de Mayo layout features photographs that I took for this article and the Picnic layout features a photograph that I styled and directed on location in Kansas City.


I previously worked as the Art Director for Dogs in Review magazine, published monthly, where I created all covers, layouts and advertisements.
Below are some of my favorite covers and an excerpt from a special feature layout that I designed for Dogs in Review.

I have had the privilege to work on other magazines while employed at Lumina Media including Catster, Dogster, Horse Illustrated, Young Rider, Reptiles, Hobby Farms and more. I helped with layout design, photoshoots and advertisements. Below is one of my favorite Catster covers which I was on the design team for and a layout design I completed for a cat breed feature in the magazine.

I am always adding new material to my portfolio and my travel blog. I am able to provide samples of more of my magazine layouts and covers, photography, and graphic design work upon request.