Design Portfolio

Welcome to my photography and design portfolio!

I worked as the Art Director for Auto Restorer magazine where I created all covers, layouts and designs, published monthly. I also designed Auto Restorer’s website and managed its Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Auto Restorer’s website:
I began contributing photography and writing shortly after becoming Art Director and am now currently a contributing writer, photographer and designer for my own column in Auto Restorer called “Car Spotting with Traci” which is published monthly.
Below are my favorite covers I designed including a cover that I photographed: Dad’s 1984 Jeep CJ7.

Below are a couple of excerpts from two of my articles from my column in Auto Restorer, “Car Spotting with Traci.” I design the layout and photograph for each of my columns, as well as conduct interviews with car owners. I also designed the logo for my column.

I currently am the Art Director for 435 Magazine, where I not only create all covers and layouts but I also manage the Art Department’s team members including graphic and advertisement designers, interns, illustrators and photographers. I manage 435 Magazine’s Instagram as well.
I photograph some stories for the magazine and my photographs are published both online and in print.
435 Magazine’s website link:
Below are a few of my favorite covers that I created for 435 including a special foldout cover for our brunch issue.


I previously worked as the Art Director for Dogs in Review magazine, published monthly, where I created all covers, layouts and advertisements.
Below are some of my favorite covers that I designed for Dogs in Review.

I have had the privilege to work on other magazines while employed at Lumina Media including Catster, Dogster, Horse Illustrated, Young Rider, Reptiles, Hobby Farms and more. I helped with layout design, photoshoots and advertisements. Below is one of my favorite Catster covers which I collaborated on the design.


I am always adding new material to my portfolio and my blog! Thank you for your time. I am able to provide samples of my magazine layout designs upon request.