Joshua Tree 2017 Part 2

I recently published a blog post featuring a photoshoot I did in Joshua Tree (wearing four of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores that I love). We of course took more photos than the ones of me modeling and I wanted to make a Part 2 to that blog. This one will showcase the natural beauty of Joshua Tree’s landscape, flora and fauna (and some shots of me doing yoga!)

First, I wanted to share some photos that my friend and I both took of the gorgeous desert flowers (we were sharing the same camera).

Joshua Tree has such amazing views everywhere you go! We camped at Jumbo Rocks and hiked to Skull Rock. Below are some photos of the gorgeous landscape and Jumbo Rocks (also shots of me doing yoga on the rocks!)


Lizards and hummingbird moths were everywhere! Below are a few lizard and hummingbird moth photos. Also, be sure to check my Instagram (travelinbee) for a video that I took of a hummingbird moth in slo-mo!


I always love visiting the desert, especially Joshua Tree. It is so fantastic and unique. I would highly recommend visiting if you get the chance!

Creamistry – Liquid Nitrogen Goodness!

The Creamistry is one of my favorite places to go for a treat! They freeze their ice cream using liquid nitrogen for an extra creamy texture. You can pick any of their many flavors (my favorites are pistachio and cookie butter) and add any toppings or mix-ins (I like to add walnuts or pecans – pictured below). They also have dairy-free options and organic options! Find a Creamistry near you and create your own delicious dessert! Visit their website for more info!

Food Photos of the Week

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so I wanted to come back strong with a fresh food photo(s) of the week post! Here are a few of my favorite things (with more coming soon)!

Black Market Bakery has the most delicious homemade bread in the Costa Mesa area so I had to include them in this food photo of the week! Pictured below is a loaf of sourdough bread that I bought there. It was so fluffy and light with a slightly buttery taste. They are located in the Camp, so if you’re in the area, be sure to check them out!
img_5926.jpgVitaly (also located at the Camp in Costa Mesa) has the yummiest hot tea! My favorite is the hibiscus tea from Republic of Tea (below). It has such a lightly sweet, refreshing flavor. Plus Vitaly serves their tea in the cutest little mason jar mugs!
IMG_6621Next on this blog I would like to give a shoutout to Kashi for making the most delicious 7 grain frozen waffles! Such an easy, quick breakfast (pictured below). I like to put peanut butter from Peanut Butter Co. on them with strawberries. I bought all of these ingredients from Sprouts, one of my favorite grocery stores. Try it yourself!


Lastly, omelettes have become another one of my favorite things to make for breakfast! This one has tomatoes, spinach, avocado, a couple of different kinds of cheeses, olives, salt and pepper. So yummy! What do you put in your omelettes?


More is coming soon to travelinbee so stay tuned!

Joshua Tree 2017 Part 1

Last weekend I decided I wanted to have a little photoshoot out in the desert. I really wanted to showcase some of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores (and some vintage!) that I love. My boyfriend, Drew, was kind enough to be my photographer on this amazing little photoshoot!

My first outfit included a pair of white jean shorts and a little white coverup shawl with a crochet trim both from one of my favorite boutiques, Elison Rd (with locations in Seal Beach and Long Beach, CA, and in Boulder, CO). I paired it with a bright indigo blue tank top, a brown and turquoise belt, and turquoise jewelry. My belt and necklaces are from American Eagle (except for my tiny moon necklace which is from Elison Rd), two of my bracelets are Lokai bracelets and my other bracelet is a gorgeous handmade lava rock and agate bracelet from Rock and Hardware. My rings are from various jewelers and jewelry shops including Patti Jo Designs (Laguna Beach, CA), White Buffalo Trading Co. (Overland Park, KS), Hogan Trading Co. (Moab, UT), and another little silver ring I got at the Sawdust Festival years ago. To top off the look, I’m wearing an adorable pair of sandals I got at DSW. I had so much fun in this outfit, especially because it was a little windy and gave me a chance to twirl around in my white coverup. 🙂 (Photos below.)


Above right: we couldn’t help but capture this photo with the rock formations looking like bunny ears behind me!


In my second outfit, I wore the same belt, Lokai bracelets, moon necklace, silver ring and one of my Patti Jo rings. I swapped out my other turquoise rings for one white stone ring and traded my white shorts for high-waisted blue jean shorts (both from Elison Rd). I paired an adorable white t-shirt (with one tiny red rose on it) that I got from one of my other favorite boutiques, Pürre (located in Costa Mesa). I finished this more simple outfit with my favorite burgundy Vans.



Above: this rock made the perfect little recliner chair! 🙂

My third outfit consisted of a pair of vintage high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans (from my Mom) paired with a black Anthropologie tank. I wore the same Vans and jewelry as in my second outfit.


Tilted photos can be fun sometimes. 🙂


For my last outfit of the day, I wore another pair of vintage high-waisted jeans (also from Mom) except these are by Guess. I paired it with one of my favorite crop tops from Pürre Boutique; I just love the little eyelet details on the ruffle! I wore the same jewelry as in my third outfit but swapped the Vans for the sandals I wore in my first outfit.


We came across this amazing retro VW Bus near our campsite and it went perfectly with my 70’s inspired outfit!


I had so much fun doing this little mini photoshoot! I have always loved fashion and putting together outfits, especially vintage clothes and clothes from my favorite small businesses/boutiques. Of course, we took more photos than just these four outfits (including the gorgeous landscape, plant and animal life in Joshua Tree) which I will include in my next blog post! Thanks so much for reading and go out and support your local small businesses and boutiques!

SoCal Corgi Beach Day

Last month I attended one of the cutest events ever: SoCal Corgi Beach Day at the Huntington Dog Beach! I had never been to an event like this and was super excited to see all the cute corgis! SoCal Corgi Beach Day had lots of cute little competitions like a corgi wet t-shirt competition, a corgi talent competition, a costume contest, and a limbo contest to name a few! Plus all the corgis (and other non-corgi dogs) were all dressed up in the cutest outfits! Below are some photos I captured from the day and some of the amazing corgis I got to meet!

The above photos are of the amazing and adorable LJ the corgi! Such an adorable outfit and so friendly!

Pictured above are photos of the very handsome and friendly Bentley, who stars on the Dirk Gently tv show!

Above are Biscuit and Waffles the corgis sporting some very trendy sunglasses!

Above is a corgi I spotted having a blast slashing around in the shallows!

Napolean the corgi is pictured above hanging out taking pictures with fans in the photo booth!

While this pup is definitely not a corgi, I had to include some photos of him since he was sporting these shades so well!

Above is the adorable Daysie Meets World stylin’ in her little pineapple outfit!

Above left are Snorlax (the corgi) and his friend Buppy! Above right is Addie the corgi!

Above left: what a cute beach bum! Above right: you can see just how popular this event was!

If you haven’t checked out SoCal Corgi Beach Day, it is a must! They will be having two more events this year: one in July and one in October. Check out their Instagram or their website for more details!

Some Recent Yoga Purchases

I just wanted to write a quick blog about a couple of recent yoga-related purchases that I made that I’m super excited about! I posted them on my Instagram (travelinbee) a little while ago and now I wanted to put them into an official blog!

I bought both of these from my yoga studio that I practice at: Ra Yoga. The first item is an amazing high-necked waffle-weave tank top made by Onzie. I am always looking for comfortable high-necked tank tops that I can move in and do yoga in and this one is perfect! (Photo below.)

The second item is a yoga towel (and really an everything towel) made by Nomadix. Not only are the patterns on it simply amazing and beautiful but it is made out of 100% recycled material and they’re also antimicrobial! (Photo below.)

Live Lokai and Go Green!

I published a blog awhile ago about an amazing company called Lokai, a company who makes bracelets that have a white bead containing water from Mt. Everest and a black bead that contains mud from the Dead Sea to help keep you balanced. They come out with special edition bracelets pretty often to help support various causes and recently they came out with a green bracelet! Every purchase of a green Lokai equals one tree planted! How cool is that? So go out, buy a bracelet, help support Lokai and plant a tree! 🙂 (Below is a photo of me wearing my green Lokai (and also my blue water Lokai from last year.)


Jack’s Surfboards Pro

Last month, I attended the Jack’s Surfboards Pro which was a really fun surfing competition by Jack’s Surfboards (one of my favorite shops) in Huntington Beach! Below are some photos I took while I was there.

Me at the entrance!

A couple of the contestants out in the waves.

Another contestant catching a great ride!

While I didn’t surf, I did do some boogie-boarding on the other side of the pier 🙂

This was such a fun event; I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Yosemite National Park

Over Thanksgiving of 2016, my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks. (To read about Sequoia, see my previous blog post.) On Thanksgiving Day we were in Sequoia and then on Black Friday we drove into Yosemite. Entering the park was such an amazing and jaw-dropping experience. We entered via El Portal road from Mariposa, where we were staying in an adorable cabin that we found on Airbnb. The drive through the park into Yosemite Valley yielded views of the amazing Yosemite Falls,  Sentinel Falls, El Capitan, and then finally as we drove through the trees, the amazing and iconic Half Dome. I couldn’t believe that I was finally here! I’d always wanted to see Yosemite and the amazingly beautiful natural wonders that it holds.

Below are some of my favorite photographs from Yosemite. 🙂

The view driving into the park in the morning was gorgeous with frosty meadows.

We were a little obsessed with all the amazing frosted plant life in the meadows.

The gorgeous view of Upper Yosemite Falls on the drive in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe first view of Half Dome when we drove through the trees and out into a clearing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had so much fun photographing the frosty meadows and the amazing Half Dome.


We walked along a path through the meadow and eventually came to a gorgeous river where we had simply the best time.


The rocks were icy in some areas and we had Half Dome in the background which made for some excellent photography opportunities!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe came across a tree that had fallen across the river. The lighting was perfect and golden and all we could hear was the sound of the babbling river as well as bird calls. It was simply lovely.

We ended our first day in Yosemite with walking through the woods and back to Yosemite Falls for some more photo opportunities.


Our second day in Yosemite we went back to Yosemite Falls. This time we wanted to get closer and see Lower Yosemite Falls as well as the Upper Falls.

After visiting the Falls we made our way to Mirror Lake which was amazingly gorgeous! There was a funny little area by the lake that had all these little stacks of rocks (pictured above.) Such a unique place.


Mirror Lake was so amazing and so fun to explore! We had fun exploring the little running brook nearby, too.

Next on our list was to hike part of the John Muir Trail to Vernal Falls.

The trail up to Vernal Falls was so picturesque and getting to see the lovely Vernal Falls was a real treat. On the trail back down we even saw Upper Yosemite Falls in the distance!


Last but certainly not least, we got to see El Capitan in all its glory! Our trip to Yosemite was truly amazing and I can’t wait to go back!