Painting Portfolio

One of my favorite things to do with my photographs from the places I travel to is to turn them into paintings. I almost exclusively work in oil paints and all of my paintings are done on canvas.

My painting style comes from the impressionists such as Van Gogh and Monet but I also find inspiration from more realistic painters such as Edward Hopper. I love the impressionistic style and use of color and different paintbrush strokes. Working in oils allows me to build the paint up to create a three-dimensional effect on my paintings.

I have shown paintings in the Jones Gallery and the Bredin-Lee Gallery, both located in Kansas City, and have been commissioned by both private clients, and organizations such as the Southern California Tuna Club.

Please send me an email at to get pricing information if you are interested in purchasing a painting!
Although some of my paintings have sold, if you would like one similar to a sold piece, or have your own photo/idea for a custom painting, please contact me for a commissioned piece.

Above: “Yellowfin Tuna” – acrylic on construction board, 4 x 8 feet. This was a piece commissioned by the Southern California Tuna Club in Long Beach, for an special members event and presentation. Why eight feet tall? Tunas are often around that size when they are caught, making this a life-sized painting. For this event, members would present standing next to the painting to show new members or others who may not be familiar with tuna fishing just how large these fish can really be! (Top left photo is me standing next to my painting).

“Kansas City Sunset” – oil on canvas, 30 x 15 inch canvas in a silver and gold frame.
“Kansas City Sunset” features pieces from Myers & Monroe’s collection of antique French furniture. This 18th century Rococo Commode and Louis XV period armchair are both painted into the interior of the room looking out over the city. This collection from Myers & Monroe, as well as “Kansas City Sunset,” is currently on display (and for sale) at the Bredin-Lee Gallery in Kansas City.

Above are some detail photos of “Kansas City Sunset.” On top of the Rococo Commode sits a painting of a succulent (intended to be one of my succulent paintings which are also featured in the Bredin-Lee Gallery – scroll down for more). Also, two real potted succulents sit atop the commode as well. In the center window, a cat gazes out at the setting sun. Next to the Louis XV armchair is a small table with a teacup and teapot, both of these objects being a nod to the owner of the Bredin-Lee Gallery, who is a ceramic artist and has a collection of teapots in the gallery. “Kansas City Sunset” tells a story of small business owners and artists coming together to share their love of art with the Kansas City community.

“American Acanthus” – oil on canvas, 8 x 10 inch canvas in a golden frame. (Photo courtesy Myers & Monroe). (SOLD)

Above: Succulent and Cacti series painted to be displayed with an early 18th century French buffet from Myers & Monroe’s fine French antique furniture collection and David Lee’s ceramics at the Bredin-Lee Gallery in Kansas City. (Buffet photo courtesy Myers & Monroe).
Titles of paintings; first row left to right: “Golden Barrel Cactus” and “Pink Desert”
Second row: “Sunburst Flower” and “Desert Rose”
Third row: “Red Desert” and “Abstract Cactus”
Fourth row: “Green Aloe” and “Blue Desert”
Fifth row: “Yellow Desert” and “Red Barrel Cactus”
Details: all oil on canvas, 6 x 6 inch canvas framed in 10 x 10 inch wooden frames.
(All have SOLD)

“Laguna Beach” – oil on canvas, 6 x 12 inches (SOLD)
“Saddleback Mountain Sunrise” – oil on canvas, 6 x 12 inches

Above: “Santa Monica Sunset” – oil on canvas, 5 x 7 inch canvas shown with and without a frame.

Above: “San Juan Capistrano Cactus” – oil on canvas, 6 x 8 inch canvas framed in a 20 x 18 inch frame shown with and without a frame.

“Yosemite” – oil on canvas, 9 x 12 inches

Above: “Secret Beach” – oil on canvas, 4 x 5 inch canvas framed in a 16 x 14 inch wooden frame shown with and without a frame.

“Palm Trees in the Breeze” – oil on canvas, 6 x 12 inches (SOLD)
“Balancing Rock” – oil on canvas; 6 x 12 inches

Above: “Sunflower State of Mind” – oil on canvas, 4 x 5 inch canvas framed in a 16 x 14 inch wooden frame shown horizontally framed and vertical without a frame. (SOLD)

“A Single Joshua Tree” – oil on canvas; 6 x 12 inches
“Hillsdale Lake” – oil on canvas; 8 x 10 inches
“Succulent in Bloom” – oil on canvas; 5 x 7 inches (SOLD)
“Grand Canyon Railroad” – oil on canvas; 5 x 7 inches (SOLD)