Red Rocks Amphitheatre

I recently traveled to the Denver area to attend a wedding of a close friend of mine. After checking in to my hotel, I saw that the Red Rocks Amphitheater was close by and thought I had to check it out. There were many hiking trails around Red Rocks and my aunt, who was traveling with me, and I had fun exploring the area. I was especially surprised at how many people use Red Rocks as a work-out area! Below are some of my favorite photos I took of Red Rocks and the surrounding hiking trails.

IMG_1674IMG_1667You can see Denver way out in the background. So many people were out to get their workout in!

Gorgeous day for hiking!IMG_1656

I thought these little blue wildflowers were especially beautiful.

On our way back from Red Rocks, we stopped at the cutest little Mexican restaurant at the Morrison Inn for some chips, guacamole, salsa, margaritas and quesadillas! Also, they had an adorable cactus mural on the outside wall of their restaurant.

Our time was a bit limited this trip, but I would love to go back to Red Rocks and see a concert there! What a gorgeous day for hiking and exploring.

Roxy Run SUP Yoga

Last year I signed up to do a Roxy Fitness event in Huntington Beach, California, which was one of the most fun events I’ve been to in a long time. I’ve always wanted to do a type of triathlon and this was similar to that but so much more fun since it wasn’t all about competing. It was more about just being together (it was an all-girls event) and having a good time while being active. For this Roxy event you could sign up for just one of the events, two or all three! I signed up for all three which included stand-up paddle boarding a 1K out in the ocean, running a 5K (about half of which was run on the sand) and finished with yoga on the beach.
For the paddle-boarding section, we paddled out into the open ocean, went around a buoy and paddled back into shore. Rental paddle boards were available for free (I had to sign up for a rental with my registration) or if you have your own paddle board, you can bring that! I had such a great time paddling! I had only paddle-boarded in the harbor and not in the open ocean yet so it was a real workout and so fun. (Photos below).
The 5K run started out on the beach (running in the sand is amazing and also more of a workout). We then ran back towards the sidewalk and finished on the sand again. (Photo below).
The Roxy event was finished with yoga on the beach which had such a great vibe and was a great way to cool down a little after all running and paddling. (Photo below of the awesome yoga towel we all got).


Roxy holds these events all over the world so check their website to see if they’re holding a Run SUP Yoga event near you! I would love to do one again soon.

Ski Eldora

This past weekend my mom and I traveled to Eldora Mountain Resort which is about 45 minutes away from Boulder, Colorado, to go skiing. Neither of us had been skiing in about twelve years so we were really excited to get back on the slopes!

Eldora was the perfect place to start back up skiing! They had lots of snow (we even got fresh snow on our third day there) and the mountain was perfect. We started our first day warming up on the bunny slopes and worked our way up to intermediate and more difficult slopes each day. By our third day we were skiing down steep verticals and even tried out some moguls. The views from the top of the mountain as well on the way down were beautiful. It was truly a perfect weekend for skiing. Below I’ve included some photos of us on the slopes as well as photos of the gorgeous scenery.


Below: views on the drive up on our third day skiing right after it had snowed.


After we were done skiing for the day, we had some time to walk around Boulder where we were staying and experience the historic Pearl Street which is filled with great restaurants and shops. Our favorite restaurant was called Sforno Trattoria Romana; it looked like an Italian street cafe on the inside! We had delicious avocado bruschetta (photo below) and yummy gnocchi (the photo below is actually our leftovers that we took home and added tomatoes to the next day).

Below: some of the interior decorations in Sforno.

Although a lot of the shops were closing early because of the snow, we were able to stop into a store called Alpaca Connection on our last day where I purchased this adorable stuffed alpaca.


I would highly recommend skiing Eldora – it was a great experience! Check their website for more details on pricing and times. They also do rentals there although we rented our equipment through Christy Sports. I can’t wait to go back!

Road Trip to Bryce Canyon

In my previous blog I catalogued the first part of a road trip I took with my mom through the Sierras and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest in California. After we departed from the Bristlecone Pines, we traveled towards Utah and our next destination: Bryce Canyon.

I have traveled to a few national parks in the Southwest (I’ve previously blogged about Canyonlands, Arches and the Grand Canyon) but I had not been to Bryce Canyon yet. Bryce Canyon was absolutely jaw-dropping. It’s such a different and unique place from the other national parks I’ve been to. The spire-shaped formations in the rocks of the canyon are called hoodoos and are a result of erosion. They make Bryce Canyon stand out from anything I’ve ever seen before. The bright red of the rock contrasting against the blue of the sky in truly incredible. There are several trails that you can take around and down into the canyon. We walked around part of the Rim Trail and saw Bryce Canyon from above at the Sunrise and Sunset points. We also hiked partially down into the canyon so we could see some of the hoodoos up close. I would highly recommend the Sunset and Sunrise points; these trails are paved and great for beginners. There are also easier hikes (like the one we did) down into the canyon or partially down into the canyon. Check out Bryce Canyon’s website to learn more and plan your visit! Photos of our incredible visit to Bryce are below.

IMG_7046IMG_7045IMG_7057Here you can get an idea of how far down the trails go into the canyon.

IMG_7092The hoodoos stretch as far as the eye can see in Bryce.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis tree looked like it was standing on its tippy toes!IMG_7055

After we left Bryce Canyon we started driving towards Colorado and traveled through part of Capitol Reef National Park on the way. I would love to spend more time in Capitol Reef in the future as it was also breathtaking and has lots of incredible rock formations. Below are a few photos I captured of the park.

IMG_7060IMG_7061The clouds were amazing in Capitol Reef.IMG_7068

This was such an amazing adventure and by far the best road trip I’ve ever been on. If you are looking for a great road trip (several days in length and covering lots of ground), I would highly recommend driving through the Sierras, Bristlecones, Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef.

Road Trip to the Sierras and Bristlecone Pines

Who doesn’t love a nice long road trip, especially one filled with stunningly crystal clear mountain lakes, spontaneous trips through the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest, and adventures through the jaw-dropping beauty of some of Utah’s most famous national parks? I got lucky enough to experience exactly this on a recent road trip from California with my mom.

Our adventure started with a drive up the desert highway of 395 where we stopped in Lone Pine to catch a glimpse of Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  It did not disappoint. A clear, sunny day showed the jagged, W-shaped peak clearly rising above in the background of the other Sierra mountain peaks. We drove down the Whitney Portal Road until we got to the Movie Flats, where numerous movies and TV shows were filmed with the stunning Sierras, including Mt. Whitney, in the background. It was so amazing and truly jaw-dropping to see the beautiful peak of Mt. Whitney and I would love to go back someday and hike to the summit. (Below, photos of the Whitney Portal Road and Mt. Whitney off in the distance).


We continued traveling up 395, through Big Pine, and reached our first overnight destination in Bishop at the cutest hotel, called the Creekside Inn. The Creekside Inn truly does have a creek running through it where you can sit outside on the hotel’s patios and eat or drink in the many comfy chairs and couches alongside fire pits with the creek babbling right at your feet (photos below). I would highly recommend this hotel if you’re planning a trip up to Bishop!


In the morning, we drove to Lake Sabrina (not far from downtown Bishop), parked in the little parking lot (a lot of people come here to fish) and started our hike around the lake. The water was such a crystal clear blue you could see straight to the bottom in some places. The trail was very narrow in some parts but good for beginner to intermediate hikers. We hiked as far as we could around the lake and made it about halfway around before we came to a rock slide which had covered a good portion of the trail and we turned around and hiked back to the parking lot. The view of the Sierras reflecting perfectly in the crystal clear blue water of Lake Sabrina was unlike anything I have ever seen before and I can’t wait to go back! (Photos below).



Above left: the rockslide that covered part of the trail.


It was around late noon when we got back on the road and decided to take a detour down 395 to Big Pine and then off to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest and White Mountain. The Ancient Bristlecone Pines are centuries old – older than the Giant Sequoias I wrote about in one of my previous posts – and so surreal-looking. They look like they are almost not from this world. One might think that these trees were no longer alive since they have no more pinecones or needles on them and are all spindly, twisting branches reaching up towards the sky. But they are alive and well and certainly a sight to behold! (Photos below).


Above right: pinecones on a much younger bristlecone pine.


Below: the view from the White Mountains where the Bristlecone Pines are.

This first part of our road trip was so magical and highly rewarding! If you are looking for a unique place to travel to, I would highly recommend visiting Lake Sabrina or the Ancient Bristlecones! Read on for the second part of our road trip (through Bryce Canyon)!

Joshua Tree 2017

I recently published a blog post featuring a photoshoot I did in Joshua Tree (wearing four of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores that I love). I of course took more photos of just the scenery that I wanted to make into a second post showcasing the natural beauty of Joshua Tree’s landscape, flora and fauna (and some shots of me doing yoga!)

First, I wanted to share some photos that I took of the gorgeous desert flowers.

Joshua Tree has such amazing views everywhere you go! I camped at Jumbo Rocks and hiked to Skull Rock. Below are some photos of the gorgeous landscape and me doing yoga at Jumbo Rocks.


Lizards and hummingbird moths were everywhere! Be sure to check my Instagram (@travelinbee) for a video that I took of a hummingbird moth in slo-mo!


I always love traveling to the desert, especially Joshua Tree. It is so fantastic and unique. I would highly recommend visiting if you get the chance!

Creamistry – Liquid Nitrogen Goodness!

The Creamistry is one of my favorite places to go for a treat! They freeze their ice cream using liquid nitrogen for an extra creamy texture. You can pick any of their many flavors (my favorites are pistachio and cookie butter) and add any toppings or mix-ins (I like to add walnuts or pecans – pictured below). They also have dairy-free options and organic options! Find a Creamistry near you and create your own delicious dessert! Visit their website for more info!

Desert Photoshoot in Joshua Tree

Last weekend I decided I wanted to travel to Joshua Tree to do a little photoshoot out in the desert showcasing some of my favorite outfits from various boutiques and stores (and some vintage) that I love.

My first outfit included a pair of white jean shorts and a white coverup shawl with a crochet trim both from one of my favorite boutiques, Elison Rd (with locations in Seal Beach and Long Beach, California, and in Boulder, Colorado). I paired it with a bright indigo blue tank top, a brown and turquoise belt, and turquoise jewelry. My belt and necklaces are from American Eagle (except for my tiny moon necklace which is from Elison Rd), two of my bracelets are Lokai bracelets and my other bracelet is a gorgeous handmade lava rock and agate bracelet from Rock and Hardware. My rings are from various jewelers and jewelry shops including Patti Jo Designs, White Buffalo Trading Co., Hogan Trading Co., and another little silver ring I got at the Sawdust Festival years ago. To top off the look, I’m wearing an adorable pair of sandals I got at DSW. (Photos below).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn my second outfit, I wore the same belt, Lokai bracelets, moon necklace, silver ring and one of my Patti Jo rings. I swapped out my other turquoise rings for one white stone ring and traded my white shorts for high-waisted blue jean shorts (both from Elison Rd). I paired an adorable white t-shirt (with one tiny red rose on it) that I got from one of my other favorite boutiques, Pürre (located in Costa Mesa). I finished this more simple outfit with my favorite burgundy Vans.

My third outfit consisted of a pair of vintage high-waisted Calvin Klein jeans (from my Mom) paired with a black Anthropologie tank. I wore the same Vans and jewelry as in my second outfit.


For my last outfit of the day, I wore another pair of vintage high-waisted jeans (also from Mom) except these are by Guess. I paired it with one of my favorite crop tops from Pürre Boutique; I just love the little eyelet details on the ruffle! I wore the same jewelry as in my third outfit but swapped the Vans for the sandals I wore in my first outfit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI came across this amazing retro VW Bus and it went perfectly with my 70’s inspired outfit!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had so much fun doing this little mini photoshoot! I have always loved fashion and putting together outfits, especially vintage clothes and clothes from my favorite small businesses/boutiques. Of course, I took more photos of the gorgeous landscape, plant and animal life in Joshua Tree included in my next blog post!

SoCal Corgi Beach Day

Last month I attended one of the cutest events ever: SoCal Corgi Beach Day at the Huntington Dog Beach! I had never been to an event like this and was super excited to see all the cute corgis! SoCal Corgi Beach Day had lots of cute little competitions like a corgi wet t-shirt contest, a corgi talent and a costume contest, as well as a corgi limbo to name a few! Plus all the corgis (and other non-corgi dogs) were all dressed up in the cutest outfits! Below are some photos I captured from the day and some of the amazing corgis I got to meet!

The above photos are of the amazing and adorable LJ the corgi! Such an adorable outfit and so friendly!

Pictured above are photos of the very handsome and friendly Bentley, who stars on the Dirk Gently tv show!

Above are Biscuit and Waffles the corgis sporting some very trendy sunglasses!

Above is a corgi I spotted having a blast in the shallows!

Napolean the corgi is pictured above hanging out taking pictures with fans in the photo booth!

While this pup is definitely not a corgi, I had to include some photos of him since he was sporting these shades so well!

Above is the adorable Daysie Meets World stylin’ in her little pineapple outfit!

Above left are Snorlax (the corgi) and his friend Buppy! Above right is Addie the corgi!

Above left: what a cute beach bum! Above right: you can see just how popular this event was!

If you haven’t checked out SoCal Corgi Beach Day, it is a must! They will be having two more events this year: one in July and one in October. Check out their Instagram or their website for more details!